Our patient experience training modules provide a dynamic, interactive, fun, training environment for everyone involved in patient care. From Physicians, Residents, Medical Students, PAs, ARNPs, nurses and EMTs to the janitorial staff, our training module offers specific advice on how to interact with patients in a manner that breeds loyalty.

The course is divided into sections that start “prior to entering the patient’s room,” to the interaction after the patient has gone home. The information is succinct and to the point. The quizzes are geared toward confirming that the person taking the test grasps the crux of the concept. Videos accompany each topic and help assist those who are primarily visual learners.

One of the great features in our modules is the “reassign” option. The whole course or a specific topic can be reassigned to a “student” if it is found that the healthcare provider is still deficient in that particular aspect of the healthcare provider/patient interaction.

We are available for live training and consulting engagements to help you meet your patient experience goals and enhance the relationship between your patients and healthcare providers.

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