Who can benefit from this training program?
  • Physicians in Training (medical students and residents)
  • Practicing Physicians
  • Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants both in training and out of training
  • Nurses in training and out of training
  • EMS personel in training and out of training

This website is a self improvement tool. It demands the realization that we are imperfect when it comes to interacting with patients. The deficiency is that of communication, since the emphasis of medical education is disease driven, not communication or patient driven. So it is within that framework that this site was created to address some of the crucial training lacking from our current medical education. The website provides an educational platform for healthcare providers interested in improving their communication, patient interaction skills and their leadership skills.

We believe that the patient-doctor relationship is at a crossroads. Technology, time, the need to see more and more patients are trying to widen the gap between the healthcare provider and their patient. Our goal is remind both the healthcare provider and the patient of the importance of that bond. To the healthcare provider remind them of some forgotten fundamental principles regarding that relationship. To the patient we wish to help understand that healthcare is a process navigated better armed with information and compliance.

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